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News: Liberty Carz App launches the Car Insurance package to optimize the user experience.

Liberty Carz App launches the Car Insurance package to optimize the user experience.

Liberty Carz understands that every driver’s needs and options differ, so our insurance service offers a personalized approach to every client. Regardless of your budget or driving history, we will work with you to find a policy that fits your needs.

Our network of partners covers Cambodia, the most prestigious insurance company, providing insurance packages suitable for customers’ car-buying needs.

In addition, our offer price is highly competitive, helping you save the best money. Besides, our partners offer a wide range of coverage packages, so you can tailor your policy to fit your needs.

Liberty Carz believes that by supporting this service, customers can save time and effort by not researching and comparing different insurance providers independently. Customers can benefit from the expertise and guidance of Liberty Carz’s partners in finding the best insurance coverage options for their dream car.

Combining a car trading platform with insurance packages can provide a one-stop shop for customers looking to buy or sell cars. This can make the process more streamlined and convenient, potentially saving customers time and effort in finding the right car and insurance coverage.​ With your selections, Liberty Carz and our partner network have everything you need to make sure you’re well-protected in the event of an accident or loss.

Not only that, our knowledgeable and professional representatives are always ready to help. And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our customer service team is always happy to help.

Contact us today to learn how we can help owners, protect your dream car, and give you peace of mind regarding auto insurance service.

Our Success Story: Liberty Carz App - No.1 Car Trading App in Cambodia

Liberty Carz application has revolutionized the auto industry in Cambodia with impressive numbers, defining our success in the online car marketplace.






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