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MAY 13, 2024

Today I would like to introduce you to this Great Wall Motor's pickup truck model: the Great Wall Cannon, which has a variety of practical functions as well as performance.

1. Appearance

There are many models of the Great Wall Cannon model! There is not much difference in terms of appearance! Sharp headlights, coupled with a unique logo. Is a cannon muzzle, as for the body dimensions, length, width and height were 5410 * 1934 * 1886mm, wheelbase is 3230mm, of which the length, width and height of the cargo box were 1520 * 1520 * 538mm, for this data, in the same camp is still very dominant. Side design, is the mainstream pickup truck consistent style, which petal wheel, but also played a good eye-catching effect. The overall style is very rounded, and very powerful. The front face is very simple three banner design, relatively speaking, is also very common, but more durable!

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the Great Wall cannon has a variety of colors to choose, and the body color is also divided into AB version and C version according to the different interior versions, the overall color is G4 red, simple white, cocoa brown, Pittsburgh silver, Swallow blue and bright crystal black six, the six models of the C version of the bumper and wheel eyebrow part of the exclusive silver gray, not the same color as the body. One of the G4 red and Swallow blue Xiaobian said is very like, a sexy a personality!


The interior of the Great Wall Cannon is equipped with a built-in central control screen. The screen size is large enough, and it has a good visual experience when paired with symmetrical air-conditioning outlets on both sides. In terms of materials, the Great Wall Cannon carriage is wrapped in a large area of soft material, without a plastic feel. It looks very luxurious when embellished with glossy wood grain veneers. If you just look at the interior, would you think this is a pickup truck? Personally, I sincerely recommend the interior of the Great Wall Cannon. And there are many colors for you to choose from!

Great Wall Cannon has reached a cooperation with Pantone, the world's authoritative color organization, and released the world's first popular color for pickup trucks - " Swallow Blue", as well as personalized colors such as "True Orange". The interior of the Great Wall Cannon is extensively covered with soft leather, and has comfortable features such as heated front and rear seats and rear elbow pillows. The Great Wall Cannon is also equipped with an L2 level autonomous driving system and an intelligent network connection system, making the driving experience of the pickup truck in line with that of a sedan.

3. Details

The gasoline version of the Great Wall Cannon Global Edition is a 2.0T engine with an 8AT transmission, which has a fast and smooth power output, while the diesel version is a 2.0T with an 8AT transmission, which has a more abundant low-torque, and makes starting and accelerating easier.

Under national road conditions, the Great Wall Cannon offers a comfortable driving experience that is not inferior to that of a passenger car;

When faced with potholes and uneven roads, the high ground clearance of the cannon can easily cope. The test-driven guns were all 4WD versions, and with the rear axle differential lock or two locks for front and rear axles, better driving stability on slippery surfaces and easy extrication on muddy surfaces.

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