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News: Liberty Carz 2023: From Aspiring to Revolutionize Auto Trading Industry to Becoming the No.1 Car Trading App in Cambodia

JAN 05, 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a reflective time after months of tireless dedication and hard work. Since the official launch of Liberty Carz’s car trading app on April 22, 2023, our team has had one shared goal: fostering the continuous growth of Cambodia’s automobile trade industry. This drive fuels our daily commitment to evolving and enhancing our products.

Liberty Carz has steadily progressed through the amalgamation of intellect and unwavering enthusiasm. From the first number of downloads to reaching hundreds of thousands, and from seeking the first merchants across Phnom Penh to now having merchants covering every street in the city, these milestones collectively shape a remarkable 2023 for Liberty Carz.

Super application that integrates buying – selling – renting cars

Liberty Carz understands that the core of a product lies in its quality, which is why we constantly research and explore to improve the application. After 8 months of continuous upgrading, up to now we can proudly introduce, Liberty Carz has become a no.1 car application with superior features:

  • Customers can easily search and buy cars on the app
  • Merchants sell cars through the app and contact thousands of potential customers
  • Renting and leasing is simple
  • Simple car loan up to $50,000
  • Loan calculator helps calculate the exact amount of monthly installment required
  • Catch the hottest promotions in the ‘News & Event’ and ‘Community’ sections
  • Log in quickly with your social network account
  • Send your friends your favorite car anytime, anywhere
  • Invite friends to download the app to accumulate points and receive gifts
  • 160-part car check
  • Online support 24/7
  • Free car roadside rescue

Until now, our team of talented technology engineers is continuing to research and upgrade the product, promising to launch even more attractive features in the future. 

Liberty Carz just launched the car rental feature in early November

Liberty Carz and talking numbers

The influence of Liberty Carz App is clearly shown through the number of app downloads, the number of cars listed for sale and the number of merchants continuously increasing. 

  • Reached 300,000 app downloads
  • More than 7,000 cars for sale on the app, meeting all needs
  • Network of more than 600 merchants covering Phnom Penh

The above numbers are proof of the trust that users have placed in Liberty Carz. We are grateful and see it as a great source of motivation for us to believe in what we are trying to do.

With more than 7,000 cars on the app, we are confident that we can meet all users’ car needs, from the affordable car segment, to the high-end car segment, from cars for families to cars with innovative sporty designs for you to express your personal style. Our car universe is waiting for you to explore!

Explore Liberty Carz 7000 cars for sale on App

Always present at the biggest events

A good product will develop its capabilities when it reaches people with real needs. Liberty Carz always tries to appear most attentive at important auto events in Cambodia, to both promote the App and give customers valuable gifts. From there, it helps the Liberty Carz App brand image leave a good impression in the hearts of users. Let’s take a look at the top events that Liberty Carz has participated in in 2023!

  • Auto Show 2023
  • Off-Road Festival 2023
  • CAMAUTO 2023
  • Home & Lifestyle Expo 2023
  • Economic Forum 2023

Liberty Carz at Off-Road Festival 2023 with CamCar Collection team

In addition to showcasing and promoting our app, Liberty Carz takes part in events as a sponsor. At the Off-Road 2023 event, we’re proud to have played a role in organizing an exciting program for off-road vehicle lovers across Cambodia. Similarly, at the Economic Forum 2023, as a major sponsor, we joined hands with other businesses to encourage entrepreneurship among Cambodians. We were honored to receive a trophy from the government in recognition of our efforts.

Liberty Carz received a trophy from the government at Economic Forum 2023

Exciting Gifts from Liberty Carz

Aspiration to conquer the Southeast Asian market

At Liberty Carz, our vision extends beyond borders. We aspire to not only excel but to lead in the Southeast Asian automobile market. Building on our success in Cambodia, we aim to expand our footprint across Southeast Asia, leveraging our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. With a commitment to delivering excellence and pioneering advancements, we’re dedicated to making Liberty Carz the preferred choice for car enthusiasts and industry players throughout the region. Our ambition is to redefine the car trading landscape and set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction, reliability, and technological innovation across Southeast Asia.

Together, we can!

Our Success Story: Liberty Carz App - No.1 Car Trading App in Cambodia

Liberty Carz application has revolutionized the auto industry in Cambodia with impressive numbers, defining our success in the online car marketplace.






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