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News: Liberty Carz and JMC to Exhibit at Phnom Penh's Big Car Show Event Next Week

APR 24, 2024

Seng Nhok, CEO of CREATIVE LIVING, and Mean Sam Ol, Business Development Manager, announced at a press conference for the Auto Show held at the Premier Centre Sen Sok in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on April 22, 2024, that the event is designed to showcase technologically advanced, modern automobiles that will help business owners reach their market goals more effectively.

Mean Sam Ol noted that the event provides business customers with direct access to the production process, enabling them to visualize the various brands, products, services and their preferential prices at the exhibition this weekend. In particular, the exhibition will attract more than 1,000 customers who are about to hold weddings at the Premier Centre Sen Sok and other visitors who will be admitted free of charge, thus increasing the popularity and impact of the exhibition.

Business Development Manager“Mean Sam OI”

It is understood that Liberty Carz, the No.1 automobile platform in Cambodia, together with its partner JMC (Jiangling Ford) Cambodia General Agent, announced its participation in the exhibition, and Liberty Carz, as one of the largest automobile platforms in Cambodia, will provide a powerful sales and promotion platform for JMC (Jiangling Ford) by virtue of its large user base and wide market influence. 

Ford is known for its high quality and reliability, and has become a well-established automobile company in both domestic and international markets since its establishment in 1947. Its products, such as the JMC Grand Avenue series, are known for their strong performance, hardcore crossover, smart technology and versatile space. The model is equipped with advanced features such as 2.3T super power, seven modes of time-sharing four-wheel drive, Watts link + multilink suspension system, and 540° 4D panoramic image to ensure safe and comfortable driving.

JMC Grand Avenue series

In addition, the car exhibition is scheduled to take place from April 27 to 28, 2024 as the first major car show event in Phnom Penh. The event will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Affairs Hun Mani, Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul and a number of important leaders, and will have its grand opening at the Premier Centre Sen Sok.

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