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News: Liberty Carz: Driving Sustainability Through Collaborative Development

FEB 03, 2024

At Liberty Carz, our commitment to excellence goes beyond buying - selling - leasing cars. We believe in forging partnerships that enhance not only our services but also the overall experience for our valued customers. Two recent Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) highlight our dedication to promoting sustainability through development cooperation, thereby upgrading service quality.

1. Partnership with EQUUS Car Care Center: Elevating Car Care Standards

Our collaboration with EQUUS Car Care Center, one of Phnom Penh's most esteemed car care facilities, signifies our dedication to providing top-notch services. EQUUS is renowned for its excellence in car care, and this partnership is set to elevate standards in vehicle maintenance. Clients can anticipate unparalleled car care experiences, ensuring their vehicles receive the utmost care and expertise. 

Together, Liberty Carz and EQUUS Car Care Center aim to redefine the automotive service industry, delivering an enhanced version of our clients' beloved cars.

2. Alliance with JMC Auto Cambodia: Pioneering Automotive Technologies

In another groundbreaking collaboration, Liberty Carz has joined forces with JiangLing Motors Co. Ltd. (JMC Auto Cambodia), a prominent vehicle brand in China and a manufacturer for a leading American automobile company. As a member of the Top 100 World Auto Brands and a recipient of various accolades, JMC sets the bar high in terms of quality, safety, and technological advancement. This strategic alliance is geared towards introducing cutting-edge technologies to the rapidly evolving automobile market, ensuring that Liberty Carz remains at the forefront of innovation and growth.

In conclusion, these partnerships exemplify Liberty Carz's commitment to driving sustainable excellence in the automotive industry. By collaborating with industry leaders like EQUUS Car Care Center and JMC Auto Cambodia, we aim to provide our clients with unparalleled services, cutting-edge technologies, and an overall superior car ownership experience. Stay tuned as we continue to drive towards a sustainable and innovative future!

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