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News: Liberty Carz team building event came to successful conclusion!

JUN 08, 2024

In order to enhance team cohesion and inspire staff's passion for work, Liberty Carz successfully held a unique team building activity on 29th May. The event was not only filled with joy and laughter, but also an exciting award ceremony and fun team games.

Exciting Award Ceremony

Upon our arrival at the reunion venue, the first thing that took place was the much-anticipated award ceremony. A number of awards were specially set up to recognize employees who have excelled in their respective positions over the past period of time.

Each awardee not only received a beautiful trophy and certificate, but also a generous gift. These awards not only recognize the hard work of the staff, but also motivate all of them to continue to work hard and contribute to the development of the company together.

Fun and interesting team games

After the award ceremony, the long-awaited team games followed. In order to enhance teamwork, a number of fun and challenging games were organized.

Creating Brilliance for a Promising Future

This team building activity not only enriched the staff's spare time life, but also enhanced the team's cohesion and centripetal force. We believe that in the future work, everyone will be fuller of enthusiasm and positive attitude into the work, for the better future of Liberty Carz joint efforts.

We are looking forward to the next even more exciting team building activities, and we are looking forward to every employee to continue to shine and create brilliance in the days to come!

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