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News: Phnom Penh Mega Auto Show Grand Opening! Deputy Prime Minister Hun Mani meets with Liberty Carz,JMC and other exhibitors

APR 29, 2024

Cambodia's increasingly diverse automotive market not only meets the needs of all types of consumers, but also reflects the country's economic growth and the prosperity of the automotive industry, said Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul at the first large-scale automotive exhibition held in Phnom Penh on April 27th. At the exhibition, a number of automakers showcased their latest automotive innovations and services, including various models of gasoline, diesel and electric vehicles. 

 Liberty Carz, Cambodia's No. 1 automotive platform, exhibited at the show together with its partner, Jiangling Motors (JMC), the Cambodian general agent of JMC, which is one of the largest automotive platforms in Cambodia and provides a strong sales and promotional platform for JMC through its large user base and extensive market reach. Known for its high quality and reliability, JMC has become a well-known brand in both domestic and international markets since its establishment in 1947. Its main product, JMC Grand Avenue series, is popular in the market for its excellent performance, intelligent technology and versatile space. The model is equipped with 2.3T super power and multiple drive modes to ensure safe and comfortable driving. 

 On the same day, Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Affairs, Hun Mani, also visited Liberty Carz's booth and had a friendly exchange with its CEO, Matthew Smith, which highlighted the government's recognition of the importance of the automotive industry and its support for future cooperation. 


Both Minister Cham Nimul and Deputy Prime Minister Hun Mani emphasized that the Cambodian automotive market has been able to develop rapidly due to the government's leadership and stable political environment, as well as its proactive market-opening policy. The government's strategy includes promoting free market economy, opening up investment, and implementing policies such as the Triangle Strategy, the Four Rectangles Strategy, and the Automotive and Electronics Industry Development Policy, which are aimed at promoting economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and meeting the needs of the Cambodian people to promote the country's economic and social development. 


In addition, Cham Nimul said that more automobile assembly companies are expected to set up factories in Cambodia in the future to further meet the growing market demand. This indicates that the automotive market in Cambodia will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development under the stable political environment and positive government leadership. 

 It is understood that this auto exhibition is the first large-scale car show event in Phnom Penh, which was held from April 27 to 28, 2024.

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