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News: Recommended 5 songs while driving

APR 18, 2024

After staying in a city for a long time, people always want to see another place.

Traveling is the best way to relax and is time for the journey to see the scenic, it's also a journey of the heart.

Just go, take the perfect self-driving tour road trip.

No matter what path you’re on, there’s always a reason to be happy. So, since you are on the road, just enjoy the moments.

5 songs can listen during self-driving tour and just put a favorite to keep during the trip. And let’s have a long relaxing trip with yourself.

1.Xu Wei “Once you”

This song is the only best one.

“Having a dream to go around and looking the world, frivolous when was youth, now you lead a wandering life”

2.Qu Ying “Acceleration”

Pay attention to your throttle when listening to this song.

“Running on the road in sight, silent acceleration is my footsteps.”

3.Xu Wei "Free as the Wind"

Yes, it's still Xu Wei, each of his songs seems to be suitable for driving.

4.Liu Chong Jian "Amnesia"

It seems like everyone is dragging old luggage, it seems like everyone lives on the phone.

5.Sun Yue "Mei Li Wu Xian"

Need to more careful before listen to this song.

When editor listening to this song, the motorcycle reaches 300.

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