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News: Sponsored by Liberty Carz! Phnom Penh welcomes the 6th Judiciary Badminton Championships!

MAY 20, 2024

The 6th Judiciary Badminton Championships officially kicked off on the morning of 17 May at R&F Phnom Penh Central City. H.E. Seng Bun Kheang, Senior Assistant to the Co-Prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice of Cambodia, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, highlighting the status of the Badminton Judicial Expo as an important sporting event for the judiciary and calling it one of the two major sporting events organised by the Judicial Squadron. The tournament was well attended by lawyers and members of the legal profession from all over the country.

H.E. Seng Bun Kheang noted that the main purpose of the tournament is to promote friendship and solidarity among professional athletes in the field of law, to promote the health of the athletes, and to contribute to the development of sports in Cambodia. He said that this event is not only about competition but also an opportunity for exchange and learning.

In his speech, H.E. Ith Rady, member of the Supreme Council of Magistracy, stressed that no matter what kind of sport or competition, there will always be winners and losers. While the winners should share their experiences, the losers need to remain calm and focus and not be swayed by the tactics of their opponents. He also called on members of the judiciary to maintain the spirit of unity both inside and outside the tournament.

The tournament was supported by several corporate sponsors, including us at Liberty Carz, a leading company dedicated to providing high quality cars and excellent service, and our CEO, Mr Mathew Smith and Ms Tifiny, who said in an interview that the company was participating in the event to support and promote the sports in Cambodia. They emphasised that Liberty Carz not only focuses on business development, but also on social responsibility and community building, and that by sponsoring this type of sporting event, it demonstrates the company's active commitment and support for social good.

In addition to Liberty Carz, dozens of companies such as Influence Media and INNEWS are also co-sponsoring the tournament. This year's tournament is expected to attract around 400 participants, further increasing the reach and participation of the event.

The 6th Judiciary Badminton Championships, which will last for three days until 19 May, is organised by the Judiciary Badminton Organising Committee. The tournament is not only an event for the legal sector, but also an important platform for corporations to demonstrate their social responsibility and support for sports.

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