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Privacy Policy for Liberty carz

Last Updated : JAN 04, 2024

Section 1: General Information
User (herein called, “you”) shall and are advised to read our Private Policy (herein called the "Policy") carefully before continuing to use our Website/App. This Policy describes in details how your personal information is being collected, stored, used, disclosed, processed or otherwise managed by Liberty Technology Co., Ltd (herein called, “we,” “our,” or “us”). By using our Website/App, you agree to enter into an agreement with us and you unconditionally agree with all terms contained in this policy without any reservation. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE/APP.
Section 2: Respect of Privacy
We will do our best to protect and maintain privacy of collected information from you. We are committed to respecting all principles of privacy and legal provisions related to privacy under Cambodia laws which we are bound to obey.
Section 3: Collection of Your Personal Information
We collect your personal information on voluntary basis only. However, certain information is set to be mandatory; therefore, should you decline to provide us your information, you may not be able to access to certain services. Only necessary and relevant information may be collected, including but not limit to, your phone number, name, email, residence and address, gender, contact and occupation etc. Such information may be collected for the purposes of creating and logging into your account to use our Website/App, posting information on our Website/App, filling in forms including inquiries, questionnaires, surveys, requests and reports on our Website/App, subscribing to our services, and contacting us etc.
Section 4: Use of Your Personal Information

By providing us your personal information, you voluntarily allow us or we are entitled to use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Providing relevant support and services requested by you or deemed relevant or/and necessary to you, including but not limit to, for example, advertising, marketing and promotional products and services, and other information that we think may interest you;
  • Improving our services through contacting you to fill in or complete surveys or questionnaires with regard to the improvement or development of new services, features and offerings etc;
  • Notifying you the updates about any change with regard to our Terms and Conditions, and other Policies etc;
  • Securing and protecting our business against any cyber-crime or attempt to commit cyber-crime by allowing us to investigate, detect and take necessary actions to prevent or repress unlawful or unauthorized acts such as fraud, unauthorized access or other threats to carry out illegitimate acts as prohibited under Cambodian laws;
  • Sharing your personal information with our business partners and third parties so that they can reach out to you directly to demonstrate their products and services; and
  • Complying with our internal regulations and external legal obligations, including but not limit to, audits, reports, corporate governance, business operation, dispute resolution and litigation etc.
Section 5: Disclosure Of Your Personal Information

By providing us your personal information, you voluntarily allow us and we are entitled to disclose your personal information to the following persons/entities and for the following purposes:

  • Our affiliates: we may disclose your personal information to our affiliated companies, staff, agents and business partners. Their use of your privacy will be subject to this policy.
  • Our services providers: we may disclose your personal information to our service providers who are assigned to perform the services for us including hosting, advising, auditing and other relevant services.
  • Our Website/App developers: we may disclose your personal information to our developers.
  • Third parties: We may disclose your personal information to third parties who you allow us to do so.
  • Business transfers: We may disclose your personal information to our forthcoming affiliates that join our company as result of merger and acquisition, asset transfers, succession, bankruptcy or other forms of business transfers.
  • Authorities: We may disclose your personal information to public authorities should it be a legal requirement. We may also disclose your personal information to public authorities to protect our rights and claims, should it be necessary to do so.
Section 6: Security And Data Retention
We are committed to the security and protection of your privacy. To do so, we exploit up-to-date technical and administrative tools and procedure to prevent and repress your privacy from unauthorized access or theft etc. However, despite our effort, as circulation via internet is concerned, it must be acknowledged that no security measure is ever perfect. We are committed to taking reasonable administrative and technical steps to fix, restitute and prevent future reoccurrence. However, we will not take any responsibility for any events or consequences happened beyond our control as result of unauthorized access to your personal information. We advised that, in the event that the security of your account is being in danger, you report to us immediately. We will retain your personal information up until the period necessary to fulfill our purposes and business objectives as outlined this Policy or for a longer period as permitted by law.
Section 7: Export Of Personal Information Outside Cambodia
Please be aware that for technology and safety reasons, your personal information provided to us may be held in the servers outside of Cambodia. By providing us your personal information, you agree to allow us to transfer your information outside of Cambodia for the above-mentioned purposes.
Section 8: Options and Right to Choose
  • Marketing: you may opt out from receiving marketing-related communications from us by promptly contacting us or by unsubscribing. We will do our best to comply with your request(s). Please be reminded that even if you opt out from receiving marketing-related emails from us, you will continue to receive certain important administrative messages from us.
  • Cookies: we may use first party and third-party cookies, plugins, and other tools to gather and/or collect information when users access our Services. For example, when you begin using our Services, our server may record your IP address and other information such as the type of operating system, its version, screen resolution, and other information related to your device. We may record this information for security purposes or for the improvement of your experience in using our Services. We may also collect statistical information in order to continually improve and upgrade our apps from time to time. If you have disable one or more cookies, we may still use or retain information collected from the previous cookies you used. However, we will stop using the disabled cookie to collect any further information.
  • Review, amendment and deletion: You may have the right to request for review, amendment, deletion of your personal information, provided that the regulations related to privacy permit so. Should you wish to do so, please feel free to contact us via +855 010 710 077 / +855 017 710 077.
  • Deactivation: You can deactivate your account at any time by using any means available on our Mobile App or otherwise by contacting us. Provided that you request us to assist you in such deactivation, we will do our best to respond to your request in an appropriate period of time. However, please bear in mind that once your account is deactivated, you will not be able to access many of the services.
  • Recordkeeping: Please bear in mind that we may need to retain certain information for our recordkeeping purposes and/or to realize any transactions that you began prior to requesting a change or deletion. That retained information will be remained within our databases and/or other records.
Section 9: Third Party Applications
Our Website/App may contain links to third party apps, websites or services, which are not under our operation or control. Accordingly, this Policy does not apply to any Website/App or service operated by any third party. Provided that you click on or by other means visit the third party applications, you will leave our Website/App and enter into the third party applications where you will be subject to their private policy and terms. We encourage you to read their policy carefully, and we also are not responsible for any policy or practices conducted by third party.
Section 10: Amendment
We reserve the rights, at our sole discretion, to amend this Policy at any time. Provided that such modification is held, we will provide prior notification on our Website/App at a reasonable period of time. Such modification shall effectively enter into force from the date as specified in the notification. It is your own responsibility to review and observe our Policy periodically to keep yourself updated with any change. By using or continuing to use this Website/App after the entry into force of our revised Policy, you agree to be bound by such revised Policy. Should you object to any of our revised Terms, you shall immediately cease to use our Website/App.
Section 11: Inquiries, Request or Assistant Needed
If you have any inquiry, special request or assistance with regard to this policy, please feel free to contact us via +855 010 710 077 / +855 017 710 077. Our team will promptly respond to and/or take appropriate measure to respond to your request in a reasonable period of time.

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