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Subscription Terms And Conditions

Section 1: General Provisions

These Subscription Terms and Conditions (or hereinafter called “STCs”) governs the relations between Merchants (or hereinafter called “Subscribers”) and Liberty Technology Co. Ltd. (or hereinafter called “Liberty Carz”), a limited liability company established under the laws of Cambodia, with regard to the prepaid subscription services (or hereinafter called the “Services”) provided on the Liberty Carz: Merchant App and Website (or hereinafter called the “App/Website”)..

      Section 2: Merchant’s Acceptance

      These STCs shall be deemed as the Subscriber’s acknowledgement, acceptance and agreement from the time that the Subscribers:
      • Creates merchant account;
      • Clicks to accept the STCs;
      • Subscribes to any of the Services.

        Section 3: Services

          • 3.1

            The Subscripted Services provided by Liberty Carz to Subscribers are detailed in the Subscription Services and Fee available on the Website and App.

          • 3.2

            Liberty Carz reserves full right to regularly renew, amend, revise its subscription services and fee from time to time without giving any prior notice period. Subscribers who purchased any subscription package shall be entitled to all benefits provided in the purchased package up until its expiry date. Liberty Carz may notify merchants about the revised subscription services and fee from time to time.

          Section 4: Balance, Billing and Receipt of Payment

            • 4.1

              The Subscribers should or are recommended to maintain a positive balance of funds in its Account (“Account”) in order to maintain the Services. In case the balance exhausts at the expiry date, the Subscribers will no longer be able to use the purchased Services anymore.

            • 4.2

              To renew the subscription, the Subscribers shall select the subscription service and the amount to renew, and use the applicable payment gateway.

            • 4.3

              The Services charged to the Subscribers will be in accordance with the Services package chosen by the Subscribers.

            • 4.4

              Subscription fee is valid for a specified subscription period only, starting from the time on the day they are added to the account (“Subscription Period”). Unused funds will be expired at the end of the Subscription Period. Before the expiry date, the Subscribers may receive a notification about the remaining balance and expiration.

            • 4.5

              All subscription fees that are already paid are non-refundable.

            Section 5: Use of the Services

            The Subscribers shall not use the subscription services for any illegal, unethical or criminal purpose. Liberty Carz may suspend or terminate provision of the Services to that Subscribers immediately, in its sole discretion, if Liberty Carz has reasonable grounds to believe or determines that a Subscriber has:
            • Severely breached the STCs or any other document the Subscriber has agreed to;
            • Used the Services to contribute to any detriment to the security and public order of Cambodia;
            • Used the Services without complying with applicable laws and regulations of Cambodia.

              Section 6: Responsibilities on the Content Posted

              The Subscribers are aware that Liberty Carz normally does not practice monitoring or inquiring about the accuracy or validity of the information and contented posted by the Subscribers. The Subscribers shall ensure that information and content provided are truthful and accurate. The Subscribers shall be responsible all information and content (including but not limited to, texts, images, audio records, video clips, trademarks, or other applicable objects) posted by themselves on the App/Website. The Subscribers shall be solely responsible for any claim made by any third party with regard to information and content posted by the Subscribers on the App/Website at present or in the future. Neither us, nor our affiliations, directors, staff or service providers, shall be held liable for any loss or damage or claim, whether direct or indirect, made by any third Party in relation to information and content posted by Subscribers on the App/ Website.

                  Section 7: Marketing and Promotional Communications

                  Liberty Carz may send commercial electronic messages or direct phone call to the Subscribers to inform him or her about Liberty Carz third party partner’s products and services. The Subscribers may unsubscribe from telemarketing messages by notifying Liberty Carz administrator.

                      Section 8: Update to the App/Website

                      Liberty Carz reserves full right in its sole discretion to update the interface or function or feature of the App/Website from time to time without any prior notice.

                          Section 9: Temporary Disruption of Services and Technical Error

                          Liberty Carz exploits up-to-date technical and administrative tools and procedure to ensure that services can be run smoothly without any particular delay or disruption etc. However, from time to time, the App/Website can be updated and new features may be established to improve the Subscriber’s experience, and consequently certain disruptions of services may temporarily occur. In case any particular disruption occurs, Liberty Carz is committed to taking reasonable administrative and technical steps to fix, restitute and prevent future reoccurrence. Also, occasionally, it is possible that information on our App/Website contains errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, promotions, offers and others etc. We reserve the right to adjust or correct any error, inaccuracy or omission, and to change or update information. The Subscribers acknowledge that Liberty Carz will not take any responsibility for any consequence which may occur as result of such temporary disruption or error.

                              Section 10: Termination of Services

                              The Services subscribed will be terminated in one of the following circumstances:
                              • Services subscribed will be automatically terminated upon the expiry date of the Services, provided that the Subscribers do not renew the services;
                              • Services subscribed can also be terminated by written request by the Subscribers to Liberty Carz;
                              • By deleting the account from the Liberty Carz App, all subscribed services will also be completely deleted;
                              • Services subscribed will be subject to premature termination in case the Subscribers violate the terms as specified in section 5 above;
                              • Services subscribed may also be terminated upon the requirements of applicable laws or authorities.

                                Section 11: Limitation of Liability

                                Subscribers are aware of and also acknowledge that:
                                • Liberty Carz will not accept liability for consequential damages or losses to the Subscribers or any third party as result of the provision of the Services;
                                • Liberty Carz will not accept liability for any damages resulting from the disclosure of the Subscriber’s personal information to Liberty Carz’s third party partner(s). For clarity, the Subscribers hereby waives any right to claim such damages;
                                • In case certain claims for remedies against Liberty Carz cannot be waived under this STCs, but on the other hand be compulsorily required under Cambodian laws, only a minimum and limited liability shall be resorted against Liberty Carz.

                                  Section 12: Amendments

                                  Liberty Carz reserves full right to add, amend, change or remove any part of these STCs from time to time by giving 7 days advance notice in writing. Notice of a change by any means at its discretion, including posting the change on its website, sending it to the Subscribers by text message, or by any other reasonable means.

                                      Section 13: Severability

                                      If any Article of these STCs becomes unenforceable, the remaining Articles will continue to apply to the Subscribers and Liberty Carz.

                                          Section 14: Assignment

                                          Liberty Carz may transfer or assign all or part of these STCs at any time without any prior notice issued to the Subscribers or consent obtained therefrom.

                                              Section 15: Language

                                              The STCs is made in English and other languages. In case of discrepancy between languages, the Khmer version will prevail over any translation.

                                                  Section 16: Entire Agreement

                                                  These STCs, along with any other Policies agreed to by Liberty Carz and the Subscribers constitute the entire agreement between Liberty Carz and the Subscribers and will supersede all previous oral or written presentations, agreements or commitments.

                                                      Section 17: Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

                                                      These STCs shall be governed by the laws of Cambodia. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these STCs between Liberty Carz and the Subscribers shall be resolved amicably. If the Parties are unable to resolve the dispute, either Party may submit the dispute to competent authority or court.

                                                          Section 18: Contact

                                                          If you have any inquiry, special request or assistance with regard to any of these terms, please feel free to contact us via address below. Our team will promptly respond to and/or take appropriate measure to respond to your request in a reasonable period of time. Office: Liberty Technology Co.,Ltd Office Address: 8th FL., Block B, KINGS VIEW OFFICE Building, St Keo Chenda, Phum 3, Sangkat Chhroy Chongva, Khan Chhroy Changva, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Tel: +855 010 710 077 / +855 017 710 077

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